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Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too

Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too

With colorful pictures and poignant text, this practical and helpful book shows children how to love their neighbors without being preachy.

Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too is a timely and powerful book that features a young, biracial girl who asks her mother, Who is my neighbor? As Mom explains, Everyone is your neighbor, the book goes on to show multiple ways people show love throughout their urban neighborhood.

Author Jennifer Grant helps children develop a worldview beyond themselves with her powerful and wise ideas around compassion, diversity, kindness, community, love, and empathy, creating an opportunity for adults to talk with children about what it really means to live out the Golden Rule. Parents, teachers and caregivers highly recommend this book and have seen behavioral changes in children after just one reading.

A wonderful companion book to the award-winning Maybe God Is Like That Too, this beautiful book outlines mutual care for one another, leaving readers contemplating how they might love others in their day-to-day lives.

Publication Date: 
May 1, 2019