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The Lost Manuscript

The Lost Manuscript

Oooh la la!  This utterly charming book takes place in France and is one of those bring-unlikely-people-together stories that warms your heart and highlights the ways we all need each other. When Anne-Lise finds a manuscript in the nightstand drawer of the hotel she is visiting, she reads it and becomes engrossed (and a little obsessed!).  Her first move is to send it to the address listed on the last page, returning it to the author who has not seen it for 30+ years!  Thus begin the letters that comprise the novel and create a widening web of associations and friendships as they try to find out where the draft has been for so long - and who added the ending.  If you liked The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer or The Red Notebook or The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain, this is your book. - Carrie

Poignant and powerful.--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Lost Manuscript is a charming epistolary novel about the love of books and magical ability they have to bring people together.


Sometimes a book has the power to change your life...


When Anne-Lise Briard books a room at the Beau Rivage Hotel for her vacation on the Brittany coast, she has no idea this trip will start her on the path to unearthing a mystery. In search of something to read, she opens up her bedside table drawer in her hotel room, and inside she finds an abandoned manuscript. Halfway through the pages, an address is written. She sends pages to the address, in hopes of potentially hearing a response from the unknown author. But not before she reads the story and falls in love with it. The response, which she receives a few days later, astonishes her...


Not only does the author write back, but he confesses that he lost the manuscript 30 years prior on a flight to Montreal. And then he reveals something even more shocking--that he was not the author of the second half of the book.


Anne-Lise can't rest until she discovers who this second mystery author is, and in doing so tracks down every person who has held this manuscript in their hands. Through the letters exchanged by the people whose lives the manuscript has touched, she discovers long-lost love stories and intimate secrets. Romances blossom and new friends are made. Everyone's lives are made better by this book--and isn't that the point of reading? And finally, with a plot twist you don't see coming, she uncovers the astonishing identity of the author who finished the story.

Publication Date: 
January 12, 2021