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Baby's First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

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It's your baby's first Christmas, and what a reason to celebrate! Enjoy sweet illustrations as you and your little one get ready for their first Christmas with this greeting card book. The special cover flap includes a loving message and space for an inscription. Make and remember all-new Christmas memories with this special holiday book, which includes an envelope so you can give this book instead of a card!

Check out the entire Little Bird Greetings collection from Cottage Door Press, as well as our full selection of Christmas books for kids!

  • Great Christmas gift for baby! To-From section in the front flap to write a special message to the new bundle of joy as they begin to celebrate their first Christmas. Also includes an envelope and foil seal to give as a gift instead of a card.
  • Bright, festive colors will intrigue curious infants in this Christmas baby book
  • Shiny foil features on the cover and the flap hiding a spot for a holiday inscription make this stand out as a festive gift
  • Sweet illustrations provide visual stimulation and introduce babies to Christmas fun, from candy and cookies to Santa and family time!
  • Little boys and girls can read along and enjoy the fun as they celebrate Christmas traditions with their family and build a Christmas book collection.
  • Between Mom and Me: A Mother and Son Keepsake Journal

    Between Mom and Me: A Mother and Son Keepsake Journal

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    A must-have shared mother-son journal for the pair that's seeking fun, creative ways to connect with one another. With thoughtful prompts, coloring pages, challenges, and free creative space, Between Mom and Me is the perfect love-filled gift for mom or son!

    With this engaging guided journal, together you and your child will:

  • Answer Thought Provoking Questions: What are your thoughts on kindness? What would we do if we had the whole day together with no work of chores?
  • Record Memories: One of my favorite traditions is; our favorite thing about the season is...
  • Compare Perspectives: What were you like when you were my age? Do you ever feel pressured or uncomfortable about anything online?
  • Between Mom and Me is the perfect tool to build mother-son relationships. Kids can record memories, swap stories, compare perspectives, and explore common and unique interests with their moms! Interactive lists and letters back and forth invite both mom and son to reflect, write, and doodle about topics timely to their lives as kids, build self-confidence, and improve their penmanship. And while you're writing, drawing, and doodling, you'll be connecting with those you love in an all-new way. This is a very special journal meant to foster a lasting relationship between mother and son. The perfect way to grow gratitude and connection, this is the ultimate Mother's Day gift for moms from sons and a great idea for anyone looking for special books for kids at Christmas.

    Also by Katie Clemons:

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    Between Grandma and Me - A Grandmother and Grandson Journal
    We Are So Thankful - A Shared Gratitude Journal for Parents and Kids
    Time Capsule - A Guided Journal for Kid

    Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years

    Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years

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    A lighthearted nonfiction picture book about the formation and history of the Earth--told from the perspective of the Earth itself!

    Hi, I'm Earth! But you can call me Planet Awesome.

    Prepare to learn all about Earth from the point-of-view of Earth herself! In this funny yet informative book, filled to the brim with kid-friendly facts, readers will discover key moments in Earth's life, from her childhood more than four billion years ago all the way up to present day. Beloved children's book author Stacy McAnulty helps Earth tell her story, and award-winning illustrator David Litchfield brings the words to life. The book includes back matter with even more interesting tidbits.

    This title has Common Core connections.

    Easter Story

    Easter Story

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    Introduce young kids to the Easter Story and learn about God's greatest gift to his people: his son, Jesus. The large, hardcover book takes us through the story of Jesus who takes a stand against the greed of the people and is then betrayed by one of the disciples. Girls and boys alike will love seeing this book in their Easter baskets and learning about the meaning of Easter--the resurrection of Jesus. Beautifully illustrated and written in simple language for children to understand, this is a great storybook to read together before or after faith services.

    Looking for good Easter books or Easter gifts for kids? Add to the family collection of religious children's books with Bible books for toddlers and kids of all ages from Cottage Door Press!

  • The simple language helps kids ages 4-8 read and understand stories easily
  • This story encourages bonding between parents and children while praying together
  • Beautiful illustrations will help your toddler understand and stay engaged for the compelling story
  • This book encourages religious curiosity and bonding between parents and children through prayer
  • If you're looking for Christian gifts, this is great for baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, first communions, Easter basket stuffers, and Christmas
  • Egg


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    Beautiful, whimsical, and entertaining, this book of illustrations by Britta Teckentrup shows eggs in all their fragility, complexity, and variety. Is there anything as simple as an egg? Is there anything as complex? In this gorgeous picture book, Britta Teckentrup portrays eggs through the eyes of an artist. From hummingbirds to the extinct elephant bird, illustrations of the avian world's smallest and largest eggs demonstrate the variety present in nature. Pastel studies explore the rainbow of soft colors and intricate patterns that make eggs of common birds seem incredibly striking. In Teckentrup's hands, a scattering of broken egg shells become abstract art; a nest of unhatched eggs suggest the possibility and promise of life. Her studies of songbirds and nests are themselves beautifully composed works of color and line. A lovely meditation on the diversity of eggs, this magnificent book offers hours of lingering pleasure, and becomes fertile ground for conversation and imagination.
    I Am a Tiger

    I Am a Tiger

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    Let's play with our tiger friend! This story features a fun animal finger puppet toy built into the board book encouraging interactive play, hand-eye coordination, and language development. Babies and toddlers learn best when they are playing, especially when their grown-ups are in on the fun!

    Smithsonian Kids books feature engaging educational content for little learners that reflect the integrity of the Smithsonian. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to support the Smithsonian's educational mission.

    Collect the entire Finger Puppet Board Book series!

  • Entertains while teaching language patterns for babies and toddlers
  • The adorable tiger puppet encourages interactive play between little ones and their grown-ups
  • Soft plush and a rhyming story combine to provide both tactile and verbal learning opportunities
  • Practice hand-eye coordination while enjoying together time
  • Great gift for the little animal fans in your life!
  • Officially licensed Smithsonian Kids product
  • I Am Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I Am Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    We can all be heroes. That's the inspiring message of this New York Times Bestselling picture book biography series from historian and author Brad Meltzer.

    Even as a child, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shocked by the terrible and unfair way African-American people were treated. When he grew up, he decided to do something about it--peacefully, with powerful words. He helped gather people together for nonviolent protests and marches, and he always spoke up about loving other human beings and doing what's right. He spoke about the dream of a kinder future, and bravely led the way toward racial equality in America.

    This lively, New York Times Bestselling biography series inspires kids to dream big, one great role model at a time. You'll want to collect each book.

    I Am Sonia Sotomayor

    I Am Sonia Sotomayor

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    Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice, is the subject of the sixteenth picture book in the New York Times bestselling series of biographies about heroes.

    This friendly, fun biography series focuses on the traits that made our heroes great--the traits that kids can aspire to in order to live heroically themselves. Each book tells the story of one of America's icons in a lively, conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers and that always includes the hero's childhood influences. At the back are an excellent timeline and photos. This volume features Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice.

    Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States for Young People

    Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States for Young People

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    2020 American Indian Youth Literature Young Adult Honor Book

    2020 Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, selected by National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and the Children's Book Council

    2019 Best-Of Lists: Best YA Nonfiction of 2019 (Kirkus Reviews) - Best Nonfiction of 2019 (School Library Journal) - Best Books for Teens (New York Public Library) - Best Informational Books for Older Readers (Chicago Public Library)
    Spanning more than 400 years, this classic bottom-up history examines the legacy of Indigenous peoples' resistance, resilience, and steadfast fight against imperialism.

    Going beyond the story of America as a country "discovered" by a few brave men in the "New World," Indigenous human rights advocate Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz reveals the roles that settler colonialism and policies of American Indian genocide played in forming our national identity.

    The original academic text is fully adapted by renowned curriculum experts Debbie Reese and Jean Mendoza, for middle-grade and young adult readers to include discussion topics, archival images, original maps, recommendations for further reading, and other materials to encourage students, teachers, and general readers to think critically about their own place in history.

    Sandy: I love reading young adult non-fiction even though I'm 55. I'm challenged everyday by the world around us and especially by my kids -- to peer closely at the origin myths of America, and history as I was taught it. This book is perfect for that.  Highly recommend.

    Jolly Jingle Christmas

    Jolly Jingle Christmas

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    Jingle, jingle... who is that soaring through the night sky? Jolly Jingle Christmas is a fun board book with 10 festive sounds! Visit the elves at their workshop as they tap and tinker with toys. Hear the jingle, jingle of sleigh bells approaching. This wonderful book is written by Becky Wilson and illustrated by Samantha Meredith. Join the festive fun and take a magical journey today! Perfect Christmas gift for the holidays.

    Check out the entire Christmas book collection from Cottage Door Press! We have a wide variety of Christmas books for kids, including sound, song, finger puppets, lift-a-flaps, and more!

  • Reindeer galloping through the snow, Santa's coming, Ho-Ho-Ho! It's time for JOLLY fun with this toddler Christmas book.
  • 10 Festive sounds include reindeer pattering, jingle bells, trains, children laughing, elves and more make this a perfect Christmas book for kids!
  • Read this enchanting story and follow along with your little toddler by pressing the sounds corresponding to each page. Great children's Christmas book with music for preschoolers to enjoy and grade school children to read to themselves!
  • Vivid illustrations and shaped cutouts of characters to turn the page make it easy to engage your little boy or girl. Features board pages that make it easy to follow along
  • Toddlers will love exploring Christmas with Santa and will want to read this interactive book over and over again! The perfect stocking stuffer!
  • Let's Talk about Race

    Let's Talk about Race

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    This wonderful book should be a first choice for all collections and is strongly recommended as a springboard for discussions about differences." --School Library Journal (starred review)

    In this acclaimed book, the author of the Newbery Honor Book To Be a Slave shares his own story as he explores what makes each of us special. A strong choice for sharing at home or in the classroom.

    Karen Barbour's dramatic, vibrant paintings speak to the heart of Lester's unique vision, truly a celebration of all of us. This stunning picture book introduces race as just one of many chapters in a person's story (School Library Journal). Lester's poignant picture book helps children learn, grow, discuss, and begin to create a future that resolves differences (Children's Literature).

    Julius Lester said: I write because our lives are stories. If enough of these stories are told, then perhaps we will begin to see that our lives are the same story. The differences are merely in the details.

    I am a story. So are you. So is everyone.

    Listified!: Britannica's 300 Lists That Will Blow Your Mind

    Listified!: Britannica's 300 Lists That Will Blow Your Mind

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    Britannica's Listified! will surprise, amaze, and amuse inquisitive young readers with 300 ingenious lists that organize the best bits of our awesome world.

    "A treasure trove of fun and fantastic facts!" - Michael Morpurgo

    Ever wondered which 10 dinosaurs were the largest, and what they cats? Or how much of your DNA you share with other animals...and bananas? Enter the listiverse and get ready to see the world in a whole new way. Listified! takes the best and most amazing parts of the universe --erupting volcanoes, medieval machines, jumping spiders, exploding stars, and everything in between -- and organizes them into quirky list form for curious kids and their friends and family to enjoy.

    Brought to life by imaginative and hilarious artworks, each list presents subjects from new and unexpected angles. So let Britannica's Listified! take you on a journey through 300 lists that illuminate everything from the human body, to prehistoric creatures, planet Earth, outer space, and the mysteries beyond. Here are three mind-blowing facts from Listified! to get you started...

  • A Tyrannosaurus rex could swallow 15,000 hamburgers in a single bite.
  • A bolt of lightning is the width of your thumb and five times hotter than the surface of the Sun.
  • If you tied all your hair together into a single cord, it could support the weight of 18 cows.
  • An utterly absorbing compendium of amazing facts and trivia that will keep children aged 8+ entertained for hours!