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The Bee Cottage Story

The Bee Cottage Story

This is like a Diane Keaton movie - vulnerable but involving tasteful interiors. I loved Bee Cottage - it’s such a surprising combination of genres! It’s the very personal story of an elegant, mature, seeming bon vivant and home maven (meaning someone with great taste who can also write so she has a popular, regular, posh-magazine article) who in truth has a mess for a personal life. Before her latest relationship had fizzled, she and her partner bought a little East Hampton house needing a makeover. He leaves, she stays and does a re-do of both her life and her home. Part memoir, part fabulous home decorating guide - I’m besotted with this book; it’s sort of like Susan Branch’s Martha’s Vineyard: Isle of Dreams only in the Hamptons (yes, Frances knows Ina and Martha and … but she’s not a namedropper, promise). - Sandy

Inspired by Frances Schultz's popular House Beautifulmagazine series on the makeover of her East Hampton house, Bee Cottage, what began as a decorating book evolved into a memoir combining the best elements of both: beautiful photos and a compelling personal story.


Schultz taps into what she learned during her renovations of Bee Cottage--determining how each area in the house and garden would be used and furnished--to unravel the question of how a mature, intelligent, successful woman could have made such a mess of her personal life. As she figures out each room over a period of years, Frances finds a new path in life, also a continual process. She comes to learn that, like decorating a home, our lives must adapt to who we are and what we need at different points along the way.


The Bee Cottage Story is part memoir, part home decorating guide. Frances discusses the kinds of useful, commonsense design issues professionals take for granted and the rest of us just may not think of, prompting the reader to examine and discover her own "truth" in decorating--and in her life.

Publication Date: 
July 7, 2015