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Happy Deep Midwinter, my friends.

At last we are abed and we come awake cozy, with blankets of snow outside. The trees are limned with frost and soon will come the frigid temperatures of a truly deep winter. No matter, as I have here (just for you) dozens of books Carrie and I recommended a few days ago at our winter book party, Champagne & Snowflakes. They are all so good you’ll welcome a harrowing forecast because it simply says “stay inside and read, you!”


I almost never offer up our lists of recommendations for those unable to attend the party because they are more precious than gold to us with all the hours of reading and choosing and writing and editing we put in, but I can’t be in the store this week to tell you about our best books so … I’ve made an exception and attached the Champagne and Snowflakes list here (I just know you’ll shop local♥️).


You see, I can’t gush in person about these beauties because I had surgery Monday and my no-longer-crooked foot can’t bear any weight. I’m largely confined to a couch! Post-corrective surgery, I’m scooting around my house (and Bad Dog, who seems to be underwheel everywhere) only when absolutely necessary and always on a 4-wheeler which functions nicely as a side table. You know, couch sitting with a stack of books isn’t all bad! Why not join my hibernation? Email me for the list at and then read over our recommendations. You'll want to come on over to see us — we have bunches of the titles in store, or shop online right HERE and reserve your copies that way. I think it’s true that at the event on January 21st we sold out of nearly every book on the list so your timing is perfect because by now we have replenished.


So minus-zero temps? Do your worst. We have snow blankets and great reads!


Fondly, Sandy