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Hello, March Midwesterners (who know better than to put away hats and mittens yet).

So a few weeks ago I underwent some necessary but rather impactful corrective foot surgery. Said surgery will improve my life I am assured, but for the mo’ it has me reading a TON because I can’t walk much less drive. Yes, in between icing and donning my sporty compression socks I've had more time than usual to prepare for our seasonal book recommendation bash, and all on my terms. See, me and my boot + Knee Roller scooter have been existing a bit outside the swirl of commercial “BookLand” clatter, meaning I had only myself to ask for my next great read. In selecting for my stacks I started with writers known for their writing. Authors that I’ve always heard are musts from readers I respect. Then I winnowed to find "their best” novels (a nuanced undertaking to be sure.) Then I winnowed a bit more to midwest-associated authors — ish, I mean, you know me, I tangented here and there as is my wont.

At times I felt blinded by a writer's brilliance. Have you ever heard of Stendhal Syndrome? I got it reading Jim Harrison. Just astonishing — each sentence of his, truly. It reminded me of being overcome — nearly unable to continue, halfway through the first floor of the Louvre. I sat down in a daze and I remember that I was not alone on that bench, all of us stunned and struggling to imagine processing more glory. In my reading scenario here, I turned to easy-pleasy reads for that bench so I could gather my wits, and so far I have two that I find truly tops in that fun genre.

Do sign up to attend our Champagne & Daffodils event on Saturday March 25th, or if you cannot, come see our table-full of truly great reads.

Fondly, Sandy