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Hello my friends, it's me Sandy. We've never offered a Summer Reading Program before, maybe because as a mom I was the WORST at consistently logging book titles and minutes and frankly I made things up when my kids had to turn logs in for school. I was so bad at discipline my kids had to remind me they were grounded a day after the punishment was issued. Oh well, no matter, years later they seem to be mostly normal. But then I was thinking of how precious my summertime reading was to me*, what with fewer places to be. Especially on rainy days like today, or on really really hot ones. So I decided to make up my own PPB Summer Reading Program that even I would have been able to manage. Here are the details: Come pick up a sheet and mark down the days everyone read something ... and earn a $10 store credit when you bring it in! It's a 3-week program so that means if you come in 3x, your family can earn $30 to spend on reads; oh And we would never call it a "Family Program" if we didn't have prizes in mind for your little ones, they can choose one when you pick up your sheet each week; No wee ones living with you - earn a $10 store credit per family you send our way!** So easy. Just joy. If not everyone can honestly say they read something (or were read to), no need to pretend you did, just bring in your sheet and maybe just set a goal to read more next week. Just JOY, I insist. Oh and speaking of JOY, but this time with no end ... it makes a lot of sense families to join our KIDFOLK Membership Program. Once you're a member everytime you come in, every day, take 20% off books, gifts and cards. We want to see you in here all you can, and to earn your loyalty. It's $40 annually and only for KIDFOLK we'd love for you to reserve our event space for your playdates or parties. Click here for details and to purchase, or join when you start the Summer Reading Program. See you soon! *Okay, one quick story ... when I was a kid this time of year (really every time of year, who am I kidding) I was happiest nestled in somewhere with a book. Since we didn't have air conditioning, July and August meant I camped in the basement where it was much cooler. I remember one time my mom came rushing down to find me because she heard me sobbing. I mean -- full-throated, wailing, and definitely NOT mere sniffling. It took a lot for moms in my mom's generation to become alarmed and so she booked it down there to see what bones I'd broken and how. Truly, I can picture her turning the corner and the alarmed look on her face. All I could utter was "THE DOG DIED!!" between bawls. I'd been reading Sounder, see, and my heart was broken. My animal-loving mom understood that and was probably more sympathetic than she'd have been if I'd injured myself leaping about, and I think I got oatmeal cookies out of it too. **Just tell them to tell us you sent them!