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Mom's Day is Big Around Here.
We know, we know - Chapter One in everyone's memoir will always be "MOTHER." Eep. Well, no doubt the pandemic has brought families closer during this weird last year (likely CLOSE as could possibly be, literally) and so maybe in 2021 more than ever I am feeling grateful for my fierce, Scottish mumser and that my kids had a safe place to dwell during some hard 2020 and 2021 months. Normal life seems more hopeful now than 364 days ago, right?
 Hope this year you can celebrate Ma/Mom/Gram in person, and we're here to make it easy to gift them all with books and cards, sure, but also the most delightful (says me - I buy them) gifts they'll brighten up for and keep nearby year-round. Oh, and we wrap for free?! Yeah we do. 
See you soon, Sandy 
May 5, 2021